Prana Healing

Prana Therapy uses the vital energy of the universe. This Energy restores emotional, physical and energetic unbalance.

Prana therapy works by using the positive freqencies of the induvidual. It releases tension from the nervesystem. strengtens the immune system and stimulates the functions of the organs and functions of the human body as a whole.

We can say that Prana gives the whole individual new energy, to restore all functions with the persons own information. A Prana treatment is received sitting in a comfortable chair. It is an exchange of energy, combined  with a special breathe technique.

This technique is developed by Oberto Airaudi (Falco Tarassaco, founder of Damanhur).

Marlene Zwart and Jillis de Winter both are Damanhur trained Prana Therapists. For questions and bookings please contact us.

Josée Dols is also Prana therapist and has her own practice in Rhenen, besides Prana she also gives Selfic healing treatments and Touch with the heart treatments. To contact Josée, you can email her: