De helende massage die Marlene en Leo samen geven kan ik van harte aanbevelen. 
De echte liefde voor elkaar en voor het heilige lichaam is compleet voelbaar tijdens en ook na de bijzondere massage. In overgave ontvang je met zorg en aandacht een totale, liefdevolle aanraking. Ik voelde mij gedragen in een bad van onvoorwaardelijke liefde. 
Een waar thuiskomen in lijf en liefde. 
Sophie Oosterbeek. 

Dear Leo, I couldn’t be more grateful that I’ve found you. You are such a pure soul with lots of love and powerful healing to give. I’m also grateful to all the guides, Angels and other light creatures who are helping me and coming through our sessions.
I read your follow-up email thoroughly and have been processing it. And my body has been processing the treatment as well, I am deeply grateful for this transforming process that you have ignited in me both when we met in person and now in the distance which I felt even more powerful, as if you were present with me. Thank you.
Anu B. Finland

Hi Leo, I wanted to thank you for a beautiful Healing session on Tuesday 🙏              I don’t know what you opened up, but there has been happening so strange things after that. I really don’t know what to believe or how to react. The strangest story is that one of my patients who is seriously ill has offered to buy the house for me where I have my clinique. It’s for sale and I have to leave after September.
I have had a vision for many years that I would have my own healthcenter. Anahata…for retreats. Can something like this happen and so soon??
Hope to meet you again for another session and all the best for the weekend. Maria J.😇

Good morning Rainbow Dragon, I know you are extremely busy, so I apologize for the long message, but you asked for my feedback. When I left Tammisaari I was crying, felt like I was leaving my hearth behind. After the beautiful session with you and a nice time with Leena and seeing the love from the group session.
It was difficult to go back to “reality”. I understood how important it is to be with high frequencies and people that give you healing and joy. I was so tired and disoriented, and I had to collect all my strength to do my  evening session work yesterday. I focused and connected/ deeply trusting in my guides,  as you advised, in you and in my intuition and it became the most loving session ever and people didn’t  want to leave my practice. Today I am so happy, Thank you 🙏❤️ I have a clear and sense of purpose and I am ready to do what is needed and be in service to all where I am needed. I feel now that I didn’t leave my heart behind because you are all with me all the time. I now know what is meant by being one. So grateful for the work that you are doing for me/ with me. The Healing and the Love that you are sharing is healing for every part of my body and soul.
Lotta A.

Hi Leo,
Thank you again from the wonderful session yesterday. You have soothing and gentle yet powerful healing energy, it is easy to trust in you. I felt so peaceful and loved afterwards, and still do. You helped really to connect to my heart, inner wisdom and my inner child, whom I find now easily. I was awake last night for an hour or so and felt universal love greatly and simply love towards myself. What a breathtaking feeling! I asked some questions and received clear answers, no doubt about it.  I am grateful and feel like magic. Thank you very much.
Petra K.

Leo, the other day I experienced the most amazing healing session. It really felt like you delivered me to this new time and frequency. I am still feeling quite raw, and I feel like my inner child is very present. Now I will just let the healing continue. So I thank you again. I will never forget this. I also wanted to remind you that you kindly agreed to shared contact info for a spiritual community in Portugal. And if you know one in Spain, I would be grateful 🙏❤️ Outi V.

Review: 4 Hands M/F Treatment:

I can heartily recommend the healing massage that Marlene and Leo give together. 
The real love for each other and for the sacred body is completely tangible during and also after the special massage. In surrender, you receive with care and attention a total, loving touch. 
I felt carried in a bath of unconditional love.
A true homecoming in body and love. 
Thank you very much!  
Sophie Oosterbeek.