9 & 10 Maart  Past Life course met Shama Viola


Past Lives Research offers the opportunity to become aware of the long journey of your soul and the directions it takes. During the course the instructor will guide you through a series of meditative and dynamic exercises with the aim of having you feel the emotions of your past life – what experiences it brought, what lessons were learned, what riches were had.


27 & 28 April 2019

Shai Tubali


2 Day journey and research into your Chakra’s





5 & 6 OKTOBER 2018:


De lieve Shama komt in augustus weer vanuit Damanhur naar Belmani om haar past lives cursus te geven, ben je er ook bij?




Vanaf dit jaar geeft Marcel Hendriks zijn Release & Unwinding therapie ook in Belmani
voor meer informatie zie: www.releaseandunwinding.nl


We hebben nieuwe Yogalessen in Belmani, kijk op de Yogapagina voor meer informatie!




 Vanaf 11 Mei weer iedere donderdag avond Tango in Belmani met Lizelot de Stigter!




Boek presentatie “How many holes does a ring have?” vrijdag 9 Maart
door Gnomo Orzo uit Damanhur

Presentations of the book:

How many holes does a ring have?

The Theory of Spiritual Physics

What if the universe weighed nothing and matter did not really exist?
That which seems to be a legitimate doubt for a mystic scholar of the Indian Vedas is, instead, an embarrassing result of applying restricted Relativity to observations obtained from the astrophysics who have measured the background cosmic radiation of our universe. Through the story of one hundred years of provocative discoveries in Physics, this book leads us to a new, astonishing vision of the cosmos. Curiously identical to that of a mystic.

Gnomo Orzo
(Rinaldo Accorti) lives in Damanhur where he works as an instructor in the Damanhurian School of Meditation and as spiritual healer in the School of Pranatherapy. He participates in specialized groups that have collaborated with Falco Tarassaco in the research and divulgation of Spiritual Physics. These studies have led him to deepen and re-evaluate archaeological and historical aspects of ancient civilizations in various places such as Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary and Spain, focusing his studies on the myth of Atlantis and its disappeared peoples of the Mediterranean Sea, originating from the islands of Crete, Cyprus and Santorini.

– Gnomo Orzo 



Vanaf 10 februari kan er in Belmani weer vrijuit gedanst worden met Amana Bruijnje tijdens ‘het lichaam danst’!